Tare Net and Gross Weight

Everyone of us frequently observes net weight & gross weight terminologies mentioned on many products in daily life routine.

Did you ever think about the difference between tare weight, net weight and gross weight.

These terminologies are also used frequently in pharmaceutical industries during the process of dispensing.

In this article we will discuss following,

  1. What is tare weight?
  2. What is net weight?
  3. What is gross weight?

Tare weight,net weight & gross weight

What Is Tare Weight

Tare weight is the weight of packaging material or the weight of a container which contains the original product.

In simple words the weight of an empty container or packaging material is known as tare weight.


Tare Weight= Gross Weight – Net Weight

What Is Net Weight?

Weight of the actual product is known as net weight.


Net Weight= Gross Weight – Tare Weight

Gross Weight

The weight of the actual product along with its packaging material is known as gross weight.


Gross Weight= Tare Weight+Net Weight 


Let’s understand the above terminologies with the help of an example.

In the pharmaceutical industry we want to dispense 10 kilograms of Metformin HCl in a polythene bag.

First we will check the weight of the empty polythene bag which will be the tare weight.Suppose weight of empty polythene bag is 200 grams or 0.200 kilograms.

Then we will add 10 kilograms of Metformin HCl in the polythene bag.Here 10 kilograms of Metformin HCl is the weight of actual product & is known as net weight.

Now the total weight of the empty polythene bag & Metformin HCl will be the gross weight which is 10.200 kilograms.

Daily Life Example

In daily life we frequently bought products from the departmental stores and all have the same concept of tare,net & gross weight.

Suppose we bought a jar of jam & it is mentioned as 1.3 kg gross weight & 1 kg net weight.So in this case 0.3 kg will be the tare weight.

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