Role Of Tablet Bed Temperature In Coating

Tablet bed is the term used for the total bulk weight added in the tablet coating pan or the load of tablets added in the tablet coating pan is known as tablet bed.In simple words the volume of coating pan occupied by rotating tablets is known as tablet bed…

Purpose Of Tablet Coating

Many tablets are coated and some are uncoated.In this article,we will discuss why we apply a coat over tablets or why tablets are coated…

Tablet Coating Defects and Remedies

he tablet coating process is not always as smooth as it looks, some issues are faced during the process of tablet coating & in this article, we will learn about various tablet coating defects, their reasons & solutions…

Drug Coating | Active Ingredient Coating On Tablets

Every one of us is familiar with film common coating types like enteric coating & tablet sugar coating but very few of us are familiar with drug coating which is also known as API Coating or active pharmaceutical ingredient coating over Tablets.In this article, we will discuss & learn the following,        

Orange Peel Tablet Coating Defect

Tablet coating is a process in which we apply a thin layer of polymer over the tablet surface for environmental protection & to achieve various other desired effects like taste masking, delayed release, etc. The coating process may vary from as short as 02 hours to as long as many hours depending on the type