Climatic Zones For Stability Studies

The world is divided into four climatic zones & zone IV is further subdivided into two zones which are IVa & IVb so by adding by division we have 5 ICH climatic zones…

Difference Between QA & QC

Everyone working in pharmaceutical industries is familiar with the term QA or Quality Assurance & QC or Quality Control but when we ask them to tell what is the difference between QA & QC or explain QA VS QC then the answer is very short & limited to the following, Some may answer like following, …

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Quality Assurance Interview Questions

If you are preparing Q.A job interview questions then you are at the right place as we have discussed here Quality Assurance Interview Questions with answers.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

The active pharmaceutical ingredient is the main component of any dosage form that is pharmacologically active & provides desired therapeutic effects. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Definition The active pharmaceutical ingredient also known as API is the ingredient which is a biologically active part of the medicines or pesticides & produces the desired effect. Component Of Dosage …

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