Tablet Granulation Process

In this article, you will learn all about various granulation techniques which are used in pharmaceutical industries for tablet manufacturing.

Difference Between Wet Granulation & Dry Granulation

Granulation is the process that is largely used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture Tablets, capsules, lozenges, pills & dry powder suspensions. Definition Of Granulation  The process of converting fine powder particles into large agglomerates or granules by using solvent, binder solution, or pressure is known as Granulation. Types Of Granulation  There are two types of …

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Orally Disintegrating Tablets | ODT

Orally disintegrating tablets are also known as ODT or fast-dissolving tablets. As the name indicates these tablets are designed to dissolve orally in the mouth rather than in the stomach like other tablets.ODT is manufactured to dissolve on the tongue and is not to be swallowed. Why Orally Disintegrating Tablets? One common question is why …

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