Difference Between Upper & Lower Punches

Most people are not able to differentiate between upper and lower punch on physical examination because both have the same length & shape but there is a difference

URS For Compression Machine

If you want to purchase a compression machine for tablet manufacturing then first of all you will have to generate a URS or user requirement specifications for that compression machine. If you don’t know how to generate a URS then read the following article. How To Write a URS  A sample URS for the compression

Why Compression Machines Have Odd Number Of Punches

Compression machines are used in pharmaceutical industries to compress powders or granules to form Tablets. It is a common observation that mainly Compression Machines have an odd number of punches or odd number of Stations. Example  If you are working in the pharma industry or you have every chance to visit the pharma Industry you must

Working and Principle Of Tablet Compression Machine

Manufacturing of tablets in pharmaceutical industries is done by using a machine which is known as a compression machine. In the old era, single-punch compression machines were used but nowadays more advanced & sophisticated compression machines are used which are known as rotary compression machines. In this article, we will discuss the basic principle &

Pre Compression Of Tablets

Tablets are compressed by using a compression machine in which powders or granules are filled in the die and are compressed by using a set of punches known as upper & lower punches. All of you must be familiar with that tablets are compressed with the help of main compression rollers or that the compression