Difference Between Upper & Lower Punches

Most people are not able to differentiate between upper and lower punch on physical examination because both have the same length & shape but there is a difference

URS For Compression Machine

If you want to purchase a compression machine for tablet manufacturing then first of all you will have to generate a URS or user requirement specifications for that compression machine. If you don’t know how to generate a URS then read the following article. How To Write a URS  A sample URS for the compression …

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Pre Compression Of Tablets

Tablets are compressed by using a compression machine in which powders or granules are filled in the die and are compressed by using a set of punches known as upper & lower punches. All of you must be familiar with that tablets are compressed with the help of main compression rollers or that the compression …

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Double Impression Tablet Defect

Various Tablet compression defects are observed during the compression process in the pharmaceutical industries. Some of these tablet compression problems are related to the formulation & some are related to the compression machine or compression tooling like punches or dies. In this article, we will discuss a common tablet compression defect known as Double Impression …

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Thickness Test For Tablets

The thickness Test for tablets is one of the most frequently & commonly used tests for tablets which is performed during the tablet compression operation. A thickness test for tablets is initially performed after line clearance to ensure that the thickness of individual tablets is within the specified range as mentioned in BMR and later …

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