Differential Pressure

Differential pressure plays an important role in pharmaceutical industries to protect & maintain the status of cleanrooms.

Pass Box In Pharma

Every one of us who has ever worked there in the pharma industry will be familiar with the concept of achieving & maintaining the status of clean rooms or classified rooms.There are different types of cleanroom classifications in pharma where different types of dosage forms are manufactured according to the standards to meet regulatory requirements. …

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Door Interlocking In Pharmaceutical Industries

Different types of dosage forms are manufactured in the Pharmaceutical industry and product quality is one of the most important factors which is ensured during product manufacturing. Cross Contamination During manufacturing, the product quality may be affected by the cross-contamination and to prevent cross-contamination an airlock system is built between different primary manufacturing areas and …

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Air Changes Per Hour|CFM|Pharma

Air changes per hour is the common and most widely used term in pharmaceutical industries and other fields where HVAC systems are installed.Air changes per hour are also called ACPH. Most people and even pharmaceutical professionals are not aware of the method  to calculate ACPH.In this article, we will discuss What is ACPH? Air changes …

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