Basic Sterilization Concepts

Q:1 The process of sterilization is used for which of the following dosage forms? a)OSD b)Parenterals c)Ophthalmics d) b&c The correct Answer Is (d) Q:2 With Terminal sterilization, we may get assurance of not more than____ non-sterile units out of One Million. a)One b)Two c)Three d)Four The correct Answer Is (a)          […]

HVAC and Mixing MCQs

Q:1 HVAC stands for which of the following? a)Heating ventilation and air cooling. b)Humidity ventilation and air conditioning. c)Heating ventilation air Compressing. d)Heating ventilation and air conditioning The right answer is (d) Explanation HVAC is used in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and large buildings to provide human comfort and to prevent cross-contamination in the case of

Important MCQs

 Q:1 The process of engulfing particles or dissolved materials by the cell is known as________? a)Paracellular Transport b)Carrier Mediated Transport c)Vesicular Transport d)Facilitated Diffusion The right answer is (c) Q:2 The process of engulfing a small solute or fluid volume is known as________? a)Pinocytosis b)Phagocytosis c)Exocytosis d)Endocytosis The right answer is (a) Q:3 The process

NAPLEX | GPAT | PPSC | CPR | Pharmacy Exam

Q:1 Physicochemical principles which allow the manufacturing of a drug in dosage form are known as? a)Pharmaceutical Principles b)Pharmaceutical Interactions c)Pharmaceutical Manufacturing d)All of the above Right Answer is (a)  Q:2 Dosage form contains API and____? a)Excipients b)Processing c)Tablets d)Capsules Right Answer is (a)      Q:3 When we multiply charge separation distance with charge,the

How to refresh your basic knowledge?

 Q:1 Theobroma is also known as_______? a)Carnauba wax b)Cocoa Butter c)Corn Oil d)Sesame oil  Right answer is (b) Q:2 Theobroma is used in which of the following dosage forms_______? a)Tablet b)Suppository c)Ointments d)Creams Right answer is (b) Q:3 Massa Esterinum is used in pharmaceutical preparations as_______? a)Oil Base b)Hydrocarbon Base c)Emulsifying Base d)All of the