Double Cone Blender

Double cone blender is one of the most commonly used blenders in pharmaceutical industries.How many of you are familiar with the reason for which it is known as double cone blender?

 Why Double Cone?

If you carefully observe this equipment it has two cones & one cylindrical body.Two cones are welded to the cylindrical body that is why it is known as double cone.

Double Cone Blender

One cone is fitted on the upper portion of the cylindrical body & the second cone is attached to the lower portion of the cylindrical body.

Purpose Of Double Cone Blender

Double cone blender is used for mixing of solid materials like powders or granules.

Double Cone mixer is used to get a solid to solid homogeneous mixture.

Construction Of Double Cone Blender 

The double cone blender is constructed with the stainless steel grade 316L.

Components Of Double Cone Blender

Following are main components of this equipment 

  • Mixing Body
  • Charging Aperture
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Supporting Frame
  • Motor & Gearbox

Mixing Body

Mixing Body consist of two cones & one cylindrical body.It is the main component of equipment where mixing takes place.

Charging Aperture

On the upper side of cone there is a product Charging Aperture.

Butterfly valve

On the lower end of the double cone blender there is a butterfly valve attached for the removal of product from the blender.

Supporting Frame

It is a side frame for supporting the mixing Body.

Motor & Gearbox

Motor & gearbox are installed in the supporting Frame.

Working Of Double Cone Blender

The working or operation of a double cone blender is very easy & simple.

The materials to be mixed are loaded into the mixing body by opening the lid of the charging aperture.

Lid is closed when all the materials are loaded & its mixing process is started after pressing the start button.

The mixed product is collected in containers through a butterfly valve at the end of the blending process.

Capacity Of Double Cone Blender

Majority of the professionals working in pharmaceutical industries think that the capacity of a blender is taken in kilograms but it is the wrong concept.The capacity of a double cone blender is always taken in liters & to understand the complete facts about it read the following article.

Double Cone Blender Advantages and Disadvantages

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of the double Cone Blender.

Advantages Of Double Cone Blender

  • Material loading & offloading is very easy.
  • Provide homogeneous mixing.
  • Double cone shape at both ends ensure uniform mixing & complete product discharge.
  • Can be used to mix large quantities of solid materials.
  • Maintenance cost is very low.
  • Double cone blender is easy to use & clean.

Disadvantages Of Double Cone Blender

  • Product loading and off loading is manual.
  • Occupy large areas due to large footprint.
  • High capacity blender can’t be installed in a room with a low ceiling due to its rotation pattern.
  • Double cone blender can’t be shifted from one location to another due to its weight.

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