Calibration of Viscometer

Viscometer is the instrument which is used to measure the viscosity of fluids in pharmaceutical & food industries.

As the name indicates it has a meter which gives a reading so it must be calibrated to ensure accurate readings.

The calibration frequency of the viscometer depends on its usage & it can be calibrated once in a year,after 6 months or as per the in-house SOPs.

Types Of Viscometer 

There are two types of the Viscometer one is the rotational Viscometer and second one is the falling piston Viscometer.In this article we will learn to calibrate the rotational type of Viscometer.

Rotational Viscometer

Rotational Viscometer measures the viscosity of fluids through the force required to move a spindle in a fluid.

Unit Of Viscosity Measurement 

The viscosity is measured in centipoise.

Viscometer calibration

How to Calibrate Viscometer

After getting a brief information of the viscometer now we will discuss how to calibrate the viscometer.

  • Ensure that the viscometer is placed over a smooth surface where there is no effect of vibrations over the viscometer.
  • For calibration use the Brookfield calibration fluid & calibrate the viscometer at various viscosity grades as per requirement (50,500,1000 or 1000 cps)
  • Turn the viscometer On and select the spindle as per requirement by pressing the spindle Selection key.Press up & down to change the value of spindle.
  • Set the rpm of Viscometer by pressing the Speed key on the display of Viscometer.
  • Insert the required spindle to the lower shaft & screw it tightly.
  • Add calibration fluid into the beaker & place the beaker below the spindle & immerse the spindle till its immersion mark.
  • Press the Motor On button over display to start the rotations of the viscometer spindle in the fluid.
  • A reading is displayed due to the spindle rotational movement in the fluid.
  • Give a suitable time to stabilize the reading.
  • Note the reading & enter it on the calibration sheet & repeat the same for other viscosity grades & spindles.
  • If all the readings are within range attach a calibration label to the viscometer.
  • Wash & clean the viscometer, remove the spindle & store it.

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