Challenge Test For Metal Detectors

We have to challenge the working of metal detectors to ensure that they are efficient and capable of removing any metal-containing tablets or capsules…

Safety Features In RMG

RMG is a high speed equipment & various safety features must be installed in RMG for the safety & protection of operator, product & equipment itself.

Equipment Used In Pharmaceutical Industry

Many students, freshers & qualified persons who have never visited any pharmaceutical industry are not aware of the equipment which are practically used in pharmaceutical industries

Oscillating Granulator

An Oscillating Granulator is equipment that is frequently used in pharmaceutical industries during tablet manufacturing & is also known as a dry granulator. It is called Oscillating due to the to & fro movements of its rotor. In this article, we will learn the below points.         Use Of Oscillating Granulator As

SFM | Solid Flow Monitor | BBD

A solid flow monitor, also known as BBD or broken bag detector, is a type of sensor that is installed in the return duct of a fluid bed dryer, fluid bed processor, or fluid bed equipment. In this article, we will discuss the following, What Is BBD or SFM? A sensor which is installed in