Kyron|Polacrilin Potassium

Polacrilin Potassium also known as PP is an excipient used in pharmaceutical formulations. This excipient is not used in the majority of pharmaceutical industries because it is not a common excipient but it has many good properties and is used in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Other Names Kyron Potassium Salt What is Kyron? Kyron is Polacrilin […]

Pharmaceutical Excipients Knowledge

 Q:1 Which of the following is used as aerosol propellent________? a)Carbon dioxide b)Dichlorodifluoromethane c)Dichlorotetrafluoroethane d)All of the above Right answer is (d ) Q:2 Which of the following is used as a buffering agent_______? a)Sodium citrate b)Potassium metaphosphate c)Potassium metaphosphate d)All of the above Right answer is (d ) Q:3 Which of the following is

Methylparaben|Role of excipient

 Methylparaben Methylparaben is used as an antimicrobial preservative in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical formulations. In simple words, the role of methylparaben is to preserve food for a long duration and to protect pharmaceutical products from microbial growth. Any pharmaceutical formulation where we use natural ingredients like sugar or gum acacia may promote microbial growth because

Mechanism of disintegration|Superdisintegrants

Disintegrants are the class of excipients that are used in tablets or capsules to break the tablet or capsules into small parts or fragments when coming in contact with water or fluid. In technical terms, disintegrants break the tablets into granules and granules into fine powders to release the Active Pharmaceutical ingredient and enhance its


Povidone is one of the most common and widely used excipients in pharmaceutical formulations.It is usually used as a favourite binder in tablet and capsule manufacturing because of its ability to dissolve in water as well as in IPA. Other Names Povidone is also known as Grades of Povidone According to USP,32 Povidone is a