Why Do We Manufacture Granules?

Did you ever think why do we use the granulation process instead of using powders directly for compression?

Tablet Granulation Process

In this article, you will learn all about various granulation techniques which are used in pharmaceutical industries for tablet manufacturing.

Impact Of RMG Speed On Wet Granulation

The critical step of wet granulation which is mainly affected by the speed of the impeller blades is kneading. Keading is one of the most important steps of wet granulation which is performed for tablet manufacturing in pharmaceutical industries.  The kneading step is dependent on the expertise of the operator as well as background knowledge

Reasons & Remedies Of Overdried Granules

Tablets manufactured by the wet granulation method involve the kneading of powder particles with a binder solution or solvent to form a wet mass & this wet mass is dried using a fluid bed dryer or tray dryer to remove the excessive moisture. Role Of Moisture In Granules When we dry the granules in a

Difference Between Wet Granulation & Dry Granulation

Granulation is the process that is largely used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture Tablets, capsules, lozenges, pills & dry powder suspensions. Definition Of Granulation  The process of converting fine powder particles into large agglomerates or granules by using solvent, binder solution, or pressure is known as Granulation. Types Of Granulation  There are two types of