Master Clock|Slave Clock In Pharmaceutical Industries

Time is a key factor for the success of any person or the organization.Time is also known as money and time can not be measured  precisely without a clock or watch.The concept of a master clock and the slave clock is to make time uniform and precise in all the areas of an organization so […]

Good Manufacturing Practice |GMP| Difference between GMP & cGMP

GMP stands for good manufacturing practice and it is a set of guidelines introduced by the US-FDA(Food and Drug Administration).In this article, we will read about  Definition of GMP GMP is a combination of procedures and documentation that confirms that all products are always manufactured according to quality standards. Explanation  Why GMP? It is a

7 steps to become a skilled pharmacist

The role of pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry is very important and critical. The pharmacists are involved in all departments starting from raw material,  R&D, manufacturing, IQPC, and Quality control to packaging. So pharmacists working in the pharmaceutical industry should be skilled and master of their field both in practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. All

Line Clearance In Pharmaceutical Industries

Line clearance is a critical process that is performed in pharmaceutical industries before the start-up of the Dispensing process, manufacturing process, or Packaging process…