Reasons and precautions to prevent compression machine accident

Rotary Compression machines are used to compress powders and granules. In recent days very high-speed rotary compression machines are available which are used to enhance productivity. These fast speed compression machines should be operated with great care to prevent any accident during the compression operation.Any accidental event may lead to 

  • Tooling damage
  • Machine damage
  • Operator damage

Reasons for Accident

During operation of the compression machine, many factors may result in a compression machine accident. Some main factors may be as follow,

  • Improper dies Installation
  • Die bolt losing
  • Improper lubrication 
  • Punch head damage
  • Punch tip damage
  • Overloading
  • Product characteristic

Improper dies Installation

  • Dies are an important part of the compression machine.
  • Dies are installed manually on the die table.
  • Great care and operator skills are required to properly install the Dies.
  • Any die not properly installed in the die hose on the die table results in damage to machine parts like punch tips or feed frame.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of the die house before installation of the die in it.
  • After cleaning,insert die in the die hose and check its level.It should be smooth with the die table.
  • Swipe your finger over the die house containing the die, ensure that the die is  smoothly fit and  tight the die bolt.
  • Dies should be at the level of die table and its edges should not be out of die house.
  • If dies are not installed at the level of the die table they will strike with  the feed frame and the feed frame will be torn into pieces.
  • Dies and punch tips may also be damaged.


  • Always deploy a trained operator for dies installation.The operator should ensure the level of dies by rubbing his hand on the die table.
  •  If he feels any irregular die corners outside the die house he should immediately fix it.
  • After installation, Do not run the machine at high speed.
  • Run the machine at jog speed to ensure proper installation.

Lose Die bolts

  • Die bolts are screws which are used to tighten the die in the die house.
  • Compression machine accidents may also occur due to loose bolts.
  • After the smooth installation of dies the die corner may come out of the die house.
  • The reason is that the bolts of  properly installed dies on the die table may become loose during the compression operation by vibrations or by overloading.
  • Sometimes the die bolts also become loose because they do not have proper linings for tightening.
  • Rusty die bolts may become loose during compression operation.
  • At a fast speed of compression machine if any die bolt becomes loose it results in a server machine accident.
  • It damages the feed frame, dies and punches tips.


  • Always use proper die bolts and do not use any free die bolts.
  • If the compression machine is taking load during compression operation,the operator should tighten the bolts after regular time intervals.

Improper lubrication

  • Timely Lubrication of upper punches play an important role for the smooth running of compression machine
  • Lubrication reduces the friction between the punch head and punch guiding cam.
  • If lubrication is not done on time friction between punch head  and guiding cam is increased and heat is produced which burns the lubrication.
  •  If lubrication is not done on regular intervals it may result in a machine accident.
  • This increased friction between punch head and guiding cam sometimes results in cutting of the upper punch head and puch is slipped from the guiding cam.
  • This slipped punch falls over the feed frame and the feed frame is torn into pieces. 
  • Punch tips may also be broken down.
  • Guiding cams become rough or it may also be damaged.


  • Timely lubricate the punches and guiding cam.
  • Do not run a compression machine without lubrication.

Punch head & tip Damage

  • Punches installed in the compression machine determines the tablet shape and weight.
  • Some time material used for punch construction is of low quality.
  • At high speed, if a low-quality punch material is used,the punch head or tip may be  broken down.
  •  It results in damage to the feed frame.


  • Always use punches made of high-quality material.


  • Overloading is increased pressure on compression machine punches.
  • Overloading may be due to increased tablet weight or hardness.
  • Pressure and weight should be increased gradually during parameter settings.
  • The machine  should be operated at slow speed or on jog during parameter adjustment.
  • If weight is suddenly increased and machine speed is high, the machine may be overloaded and due to it,tooling damage may occur 


  • Initially run the machine at slow speed.

Product characteristic

  • Product characteristics like  moisture content may also cause compression machine accidents. 
  • Higher moisture content may stick inside the dies and result in machine overloading which results in tooling damage.


 Keep optimum level of moisture content in product formulation.

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