Sajjad Ahmad

Equipment Used In Pharmaceutical Industry

Many students, freshers & qualified persons who have never visited any pharmaceutical industry are not aware of the equipment which are practically used in pharmaceutical industries

Difference Between Upper & Lower Punches

Most people are not able to differentiate between upper and lower punch on physical examination because both have the same length & shape but there is a difference

Tablet Granulation Process

In this article, you will learn all about various granulation techniques which are used in pharmaceutical industries for tablet manufacturing.

Capacity Calculation Of Compression Machine Hoppers

Many of us in pharma do not discuss hoppers, as it is just a storage medium for a compression machine but to understand its capacity is as important as the capacity of the compression machine itself.

Difference Between Equipment & Instrument

People working in pharmaceutical industries are frequently using the term equipment & instrument In their routine work & many of us think that both terms have the same meaning…

Difference Between QA & QC

Everyone working in pharmaceutical industries is familiar with the term QA or Quality Assurance & QC or Quality Control but when we ask them to tell what is the difference between QA & QC or explain QA VS QC then the answer is very short & limited to the following, Some may answer like following,