Difference Between Wet Granulation & Dry Granulation

Granulation is the process that is largely used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture Tablets, capsules, lozenges, pills & dry powder suspensions.

Definition Of Granulation 

The process of converting fine powder particles into large agglomerates or granules by using solvent, binder solution, or pressure is known as Granulation.

Types Of Granulation 

There are two types of granulation, one is wet granulation & other is dry granulation.

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Types Of Granulation

Difference Between Wet & Dry Granulation 

In this article, we will discuss what is the main difference between wet granulation & dry granulation.

Before going into details about the difrence between these two types of granulation first I would like to mention the reason why to write this article so all of you will become aware of its importance.

Whenever this question is asked most of people just say in wet granulation we use Solvent & in dry granulation, we don’t use solvent & they don’t know any technical information regarding this topic so I hope after reading this article you will be able to clearly describe the difference in details with logical & technical reasoning.

Wet Granulation

  • The wet granulation method is used for those pharmaceutical products which are not degraded by Moisture.
  • The wet granulation process is used in pharma for those products which are not degraded by Heat.
  • In the wet granulation process, we use any aqueous or organic solvent with or without  binder to give a strong binding to particles.
  • In wet granulation, a drying process is required to remove excessive amounts of moisture & to dry the granules.
  • More Excipients are used as compared to the dry Granulation process.
  • The processing time is high in the wet granulation process and manufacturing involves 7 steps.
  •  A large number of equipment are used in the wet granulation process so require more area space.
  • Cost is high due to the lengthy process,more energy consumption & involvement of more equipment.
  • Washing of  the area after the wet granulation process, requires more time.

Dry Granulation

  • The dry granulation method is used for those pharmaceutical products which are sensitive to moisture & are degraded by the moisture.
  • The dry Granulation process is used in pharma for those products that are sensitive to heat & are degraded by the heat.
  • In simple words,the dry granulation process is used for moisture sensitive & thermolabile Products.
  • In the dry granulation method we can’t use solvent & heat so granules are manufactured with the application of pressure.
  • In Dry Granulation the wetting & drying process is not used, rather a compression machine, roller compactor or chilsonaror is used for pressure.
  • Dry granulation is also known as double Compression method because we use Compression of powders for two times.
  • More Excipients are used as compared to the wet granulation process.
  • Process time is short & involves 5 manufacturing steps.
  • Equipment used are less in number as compared to wet granulation process so requires less area space.
  • Cost is less due to short process time,less energy & equipment utilization.
  • Washing of area after dry granulation process requires less time.

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