Compression Machine Pressure Rollers

Pressure is the main factor which is utilized in the compression machines to convert the powders or granules into the tablet.We are familiar that powder or granules  are filled in the die cavity and then a pressure is applied over the punch head which is transmitted to the powder or granules and in this way our tablet is compressed.

Did you ever think about how this pressure is applied or how many pressure generating devices/structures are installed in a compression machine to apply the pressure?

In this article we will learn following 

  • Which component is used to apply the pressure?
  • How Pressure Is Applied?
  • Structure Of Compression Roller 
  • Number Of Pressure Rollers?
  • Type of the pressure roller? 

Which Component Is Used to Apply The Pressure?

The name of the compression machine component which is used to apply the pressure is known as compression roller or pressure wheel.

How Compression Pressure Is Applied?

We apply the pressure with the help of compression roller or pressure wheels over the punch head and this pressure is transmitted to the powder or granules and the tablet is compressed.

Structure Of Compression Roller 

Compression roller or compression wheel is a hard solid round wheel type component of the compression machine which is used to apply the pressure. 

One compression roller is fixed on the upper side of the head of upper punches and a second compression pressure wheel or  roller is available on the lower side of the head of lower punches.

When the turret rotates and powder is filled in the dye cavity the upper punch head comes under the upper compression roller and lower punch head passes over the lower compression roller.

The upper compression roller is fixed meaning it is not able to move upwards or downwards but free to rotate.

The lower compression roller is attached with a lifting system which can lift the lower wheel upwards or downwards to increase or decrease the pressure.

In advanced high speed compression machines this lifting system is controlled by the servo motors and in conventional compression machines the upward and downward movement is controlled by the rotating knob.

Types Of Compression Roller 

Two types of the compression pressure rollers are installed one is known as the main compression roller and second one is the pre compression rollers.

Advanced types of the compression machines have both these types of rollers but some conventional types of the machines only have the main compression rollers.

Main compressor rollers are used to apply the main pressure to compress the tablets.

The pre compression rollers are used to apply the less pressure on the powders or granules before the main compression and this activity is done to remove the entrapped air in the powder or granules.

The entrapped air is the main cause of capping or lamination and by the use of pre compression rollers the issue of capping or lamination is prevented.

How Many Compression Rollers?

Many professionals are not aware of how many compression rollers or how many pressure rollers are installed in the compression machine because these compression rollers are not visible on physical observation of the machine.

To understand the number of compression rollers in a simple manner you have to remember just one thing that you have to check that either the compression machine is single feed or double feed.

What is a single feed and what is a double feed compression machine?

The single feed machines can compress one tablet during each round by each punch and double feed compression machines compress two tablets during each rotation by each punch.

For easy remembrance if only one hopper is installed on the compression machine it is single feed and if two hoppers are installed (except double layer) it is the double feed compression machine.

For single feed compression machine there will be the two main compression rollers mean one upper compression roller and one lower compressor roller and if a single feed compression press has the features of the pre compression wheels then there will be the two pre compression wheels or rollers.One upper pre compression roller and one lower pre compression wheel or roller.

If the compression machine is double feed then it will contain 4 main compression rollers meaning 2 upper main compressor rollers and 2 lower main compression rolls.

If a double feed compression machine is fitted with pre compression rollers then it will have the four pre compressor rollers two of which will be on the lower side for each feed and two on upper side.

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