Tablet Twinning | Tablet Coating Defect

Twinning is a tablet coating defect that is not observed in all coating processes but is observed during the coating operation of capsule-shaped tablets in pharmaceutical industries. This tablet coating defect is related to the tablet shape and we can define this defect as, Twinning is a tablet coating defect in which tablets bind with […]

Color Variation Defect In Coated Tablets

The tablet coating defects list is very extensive including various defects which we observe during the practical operation of the coating process. Here we are going to discuss a very common tablet coating defect that is usually observed during the coating process  of color tablets. Why Do We Use Color In Coating Suspension? A common

Tablet Coating Defect Related To Weight Gain

Tablet coating is a process of applying a layer of polymer over rotating tablets in a coating pan. A coating suspension of polymer with other excipients in a suitable solvent is prepared and is applied over the rotating bed of  tablets in the form of fine droplets after automization using compressed air. Heat is continually

Sticking And Picking During Tablet Coating

Tablet coating defects or problems observed during tablet coating is a very important topic & in this article, we will discuss tablet sticking and picking,which are one of the most common defects observed during tablet coating operation.We will also discuss why sticking & picking defects occur and what is the possible solution to solve these

Enteric Coating | Enteric Coated Tablets | Enteric Coated Pellets

Enteric coating is a process in which a layer of polymer is applied to the oral solid dosage forms to protect the drug release in the acidic environment of the stomach and to release the drug in alkaline pH in the small intestine. Meant By Enteric Coating? One commonly asked question is what is the