Components Of Tablet Coating Suspension|Formulation of tablet coating

Tablet coating is a process in which a thin layer of polymer is deposited over a core tablet and the weight gain of the film may vary from 1-5 % for film coating to 10-12% for enteric coating. Sugarcoating is also a type of coating but in sugar coating instead of a polymer layer, we […]

Sugar Coating|Stages of Sugar Coating

The application of a layer of sugar or sucrose over the core tablet is known as sugar coating. Sugar coating is applied over tablets for several reasons and most important is to mask the taste. It is the oldest technique of coating used in pharmaceutical industries. Sugar coating is a multistage process and is a

Coating Parameters influence on tablets

There are different parameters which may affect the coating process. These parameters do not remain constant during all coating process and remain changing from time to time…

Tablet Coating Process In Pharma

The coating is a process in pharmaceutical industries in which a layer of polymer or film former is applied to the tablets. The coating is an old technique derived from the confectionery industries…