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 Q:1 Skin is a complex organ and covers ______ percent of body mass? a)5% b)10% c)15% d)20% Answer is (b) Q:2 Route of administration for creams and ointments is______? a)Topical b)Nasal c)Rectal d)All of above Answer is (d) Q:3 According to USP Ointment bases are divided into _____groups? a)2 Groups b)3 Groups c)4 Groups d)5 […]

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Q:1 Which of the following gives a fast effect? a)Solution. b)Tablet. c)Capsule. d)Creams Correct Answer is (a) Q:2 Which pharmaceutical dosage form is more stable a)OSD b)Liquid  c)Both Correct Answer is (a) Q:3 Pharmaceutical solutions are a)Homogeneous b)Heterogeneous c)Opaques d)All of the above Correct Answer is (a) Q:4 Pharmaceutical mixtures maybe a)Homogeneous b)Heterogeneous c) a

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Q:1 Dry granulation is also called___________ a) Direct Compression b) Milling c)Roller Compaction d)Sieving The correct answer is (c) Roller Compaction is a process of dry granulation in which, roller compactor is used to convert granules into powder sheets by application of pressure. These paper sheets are then screened to form granules. Q:2 Aerosil is