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User Requirement Specifications (URS) for Fluid bed dyer is as follows,   USER Pharmainform Pharmaceutical Pakistan  EQUIPMENT NAME FLUID BED DRYER  (FBD) PREPARED BY Pharmainform Consultant Table Of Content    1.0 Objective The objective of this URS is to highlight the requirements of the client for FBD design, and manufacturing of FBD according to cGMP […]

URS-User Requirement Specifications

URS is an abbreviation for user requirement specifications & is an important document that is generated in pharmaceutical industries for purchasing any equipment, instrument, or device. URS is generated by the user or client for the manufacturer so that the equipment is designed &  manufactured according to the recommendations or specifications of the client or

Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR)

Pharmaceutical industries are involved in the manufacturing of medicinal products which are finally utilized by the patients so a great level of care & compliance is required at each level of manufacturing. Documentation in the pharma industry is very important & is also a requirement of various guidelines & regulatory bodies like GMP & US-FDA.

Tablet Diameter Test

Tablets are compressed in the pharmaceutical industries using different types of toolings including punches & dies on compression machines. Tooling shape and dimensions play an important role to compress the same size & shaped tablets during compression of each batch to maintain batch to batch consistency in terms of shape & diameter/dimensions. Tablet Diameter Tablet