Master Clock|Slave Clock In Pharmaceutical Industries

Time is a key factor for the success of any person or the organization.Time is also known as money and time can not be measured  precisely without a clock or watch.The concept of a master clock and the slave clock is to make time uniform and precise in all the areas of an organization so that there should be synchronization of time between all areas of an organization.

Master Clock

  • Master clock as the name indicates is the clock which gives orders.
  • Master clock is a clock which regulates the time of all his subordinates.
  • Time of the master clock is taken as a reference standard  for other clocks.

Slave Clocks

  • Slave clocks are the clocks which obey the orders of Master Clock.
  • There may be more than one slave clock.
  • Slave Clocks work under the instructions of master clock.
Master Clock|Slave Clock

GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is the Global Positioning System, the master clock may be connected to GPS for precise time measurement.


All the slave clocks are connected with the Master clock for time synchronization.

  • Master clock is connected with different slave clocks with one of following 
    •  Wireless Radio System
    •  LAN System or 
    • Ethernet System.
  • When all Slave Clocks are connected to Master Clock  the time on Master clock is automatically shown on all slave clocks.
  • Master clock may be connected  to the GPS system for the more precise  time.
  • GPS system sends signals to the Master clock and the master clock delivers this time signals to all the connected slave clocks.


Suppose we have to synchronize the time of an organization.In this organization, we have 20 areas where time is displayed.

Old Practice

  • The old practice is to install 20 big wall clocks in all these areas.
  •  It is observed that after a few days the time of every wall clock differs from others and if we have to fix the time off all clocks we have to move in all 20 areas and have to set time individually.
  • It is a hectic and time-consuming practice to individually set the time of all wall clocks.

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Recent Practice

  • By implementing the concept of Master and Slave clocks we will install a big clock at any specified area of organization and it is called master clock.
  • Then we will install 20 wall clocks in required areas and these are called slave clocks.
  • All Slave clocks are connected to the Master Clock.
  • Master Clock may be connected to the GPS system.
  • Time displayed on the Master clock will automatically be displayed on all the connected Slave clocks.
  • In this case we have no need to adjust the time of each wall mounted slave clock individually.
  • Simply we will adjust or change the time of the Master clock and all slave clocks will show the same time as displayed by the Master clock.

Advantages of Master Clock

  • Synchronised time is displayed in all the areas of the organization.
  • Master Clock regulates the time of all Slave Clocks so no deviation of time occurs.
  • No Slave Clock becomes slow because Master Clock monitors the time of Slave Clocks.
  • It Save time to set time of all clocks individually.

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  • Master and Slave clocks can be installed in many different areas like
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Stock Exchange
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Educational Institutes
  • Banking

Application In pharmaceutical Industries

In this article we will discuss the importance of Master and Slave clocks in pharmaceutical industries.

Importance of time can not be ignored in any field but its importance is very high in pharmaceutical industries because many critical processes are going on in pharmaceutical industries which are time dependent and cost of manufacturing process is increased if we waste time.

Following are some key points which can be improved by using the Master and slaves Clock concept.

Start-Up Processes

  • In pharmaceutical industries, all the Manufacturing activities are started after the line clearance.
  •  Line Clearance is awarded by the Production officer and then time-based intimation is sent to the Quality Assurance department.
  • If clock of production area and Quality Assurance are not synchronised then time will not be uniform and time wastage may occur.


  • A process of Manufacturing should be started at 11 am after line clearance.
  • QA department is intimated for Line Clearance.
  • QA officers should allow the production to start the process after line clearance at 11:00 am.
  • Suppose there is a time difference of 10 minutes between production and Quality Assurance clock and QA officer reaches 10 minutes late just because of un-synchronization of time.
  •  It results in a waste of 10 precious minutes and it will affect efficiency and will reduce productivity.

Manufacturing Process

  • Critical time-based activities should be completed in a synchronized manner. 
  • Suppose a precess validation of a product is under process in manufacturing area.
  • If Clock of that area is slow or is not displaying the exact time to note down the different activities,it may cause variations in the results of product when manufactured again with different clock having exact speed or time.

Monitoring Breaks

  •  If time of different areas in pharmaceutical industries is not synchronised with canteen,there may be a delay in delivery of food to the staff.
  • It will result in wastage of time because staff may reach before the time according to the big wall clock of canteen and they have to wait for food.
  • This wastage of time will decrease the productivity.


If the time of all departments is not synchronised with the meeting room it may result in some of the persons to reach before time or after time and they may miss important points of the meeting.

HVAC System

  • Heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems is of great importance in pharmaceutical industries.
  • In Modern Master and slave clock systems the HVAC clock system can be connected and synchronised to the master clock to automatically switch ON or OFF the HVAC system according to the requirement of  different areas.
  • If the HVAC clock system is not synchronized to the  manufacturing area then HVAC may be switched OFF during the ongoing manufacturing process.

Security System or CCTV cameras

The CCTV system of pharmaceutical industries can be connected to the Master Clock system to trace real time tracking.

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