SOP For Disposal Of Rejected Packaging Materials

Standard operating procedure for disposal of rejected packaging material.

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to develop a procedure for disposal of rejected packaging material.

2.0 Scope

The current standard operating procedure is applicable for disposal of rejected printed packaging material,ALU /PVC foils, empty packaging material shippers, containers or drums in the packaging material store.

3.0 Responsibility

3.1 Packaging material store supervisor & store officer are responsible for disposal of rejected packaging material.

3.2 The Store HOD  is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the current SOP.

3.3 Officer quality assurance monitors the compliance of this SOP.

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Shippers/Drums/Containers

4.1.1 Store supervisor shall collect all the empty shippers, containers,plastic bags or drums after consumption of its packaging material.

4.1.2 The store supervisor shall remove all the released/printed labels from the above mentioned empty objects.

4.1.3 Cross the labels with permanent marker If labels are not completely removed.

4.1.4 Pass the shippers, plastic bags through shredder, deshape the drums with a hammer & send all these to the scrap yard for further disposal.

4.2 Rejected ALU/PVC Foils,Printed Packaging Material 

4.2.1 Store supervisor shall ensure that the destruction note is completely signed for all the rejected printed material placed in the rejection area.

4.2.2 The store supervisor shall inform the store head that all the rejected materials quantity is as per destruction note.

4.2.3 The HOD of the store department shall intimate the QA head for destruction of rejected packaging material.

4.2.4 The QA officer shall visit the rejection area to verify the quantity of material to be disposed of.

4.2.5 When QA verifies the material quantity, shift it to the shredder area.

4.2.6 The store supervisor shall pass all the foils/packaging material through the shredder.

4.2.7 The store supervisor shall transfer all the shredded material to the scrap yard where it is further disposed of by the disposal agent along with the third party.

4.2.8 All the disposal activities are performed in the presence of a QA officer.

4.2.9 After proper disposal the QA officer shall sign the disposal note & its copy is sent to the account department.

4.2.10 The store supervisor shall record the disposal activity in the computer/manual system.

5.0 Abbreviations

5.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

5.2 QA: Quality Assurance

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