Spray Rate Calculations For Tablet Coating

The tablet coating process is one of the most technical & critical processes which is performed in pharmaceutical industries after tablet compression depending on the specifications of the tablets whether it is film coating, sugar coating, enteric coating, or drug coating. The coating is art so most pharmacists are not  aware of its technicalities & […]

Batch Size Calculations|Pharma Calculations

Batch size calculations are very basic and daily used calculations that are regularly performed by professionals working in the pharmaceutical industries. The purpose of these calculations is to estimate quick values when one or two values are given and another is to determine without any documentation. It is a fact that usually all values are

Product Reconciliation In Pharmaceutical Industries

Product reconciliation is a process that is used to calculate and monitor the line loss or yield of a product that is under manufacturing. Calculation of yield or line loss is monitored during every stage of manufacturing to ensure that yield or line loss is within the recommended range. All pharmaceutical industries have an SOP

Potency or Assay calculation of API

Potency calculation of Active pharmaceutical ingredients is the most common activity which is performed on the daily basis by pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a common observation that the majority of pharmaceutical professionals don’t know how to calculate the potency or assay of an active pharmaceutical ingredient…