Mannitol in tablet formulation

Mannitol is an alcohol sugar present in many plants and animals. It is a hexahedral alcohol widely used as an excipient in tablet formulation in pharmaceutical industries.

Uses of Mannitol

Mannitol has many different uses as an excipient e.g

  • It is used as a Plasticizer.
  • It is used as Diluent 10-90%
  • It is a sweetening agent.
  • Tonicity agent.
  • Parenterally used as osmotic diuretics.

General properties of Mannitol

  • Mannitol gives laxative effect when it is used in large quantities.
  • it is non hygroscopic so mannitol is used in moisture-sensitive products.
  • It is also used in direct compression because of its spray-dried grade.
  • Processing time with mannitol is short because the drying time of mannitol is less. Mean when mannitol is used as a diluent in wet granulation its drying time is short, it dry in a short period.

In Chewable Tablets

Mannitol has widely used excipient in chewable tablets because it gives a sweet taste and mouth-feel so because of this effect it is used in chewable tablets.

Spray-dried Mannitol.

Mannitol is also available as spray-dried grade and spray dried grade is used in direct compression tablet formulation.

Tablets produced with spray-dried grade give more hardness than powdered mannitol.

Spray-dried mannitol flow rate is better than powder mannitol.

 Disintegration time of spray-dried mannitol is also short.

Powder mannitol has poor flow because it is in the form of fine powder. So when powder mannitol is used as a diluent in wet granulation of tablet manufacturing, it should be used intra-granular. When Mannitol is used in wet granulation it also reduces the drying time.

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