Equipments For wet Granulation

 Wet granulation is a multistep process for the manufacturing of tablets and different types of equipment are used for different steps….

Lactose in Pharmaceutical Products

Lactose is a commonly used excipient and is generally used as a diluent or filler for tablets and capsules and in dry powder inhalational products…

Excipient classification and types

Word Excipient is derived from the Latin word Excipere means “To except” and simply means other than API, all other ingredients in a dosage form are excipients. Properties of ExcipientdExcipients should have the following properties Role of Excipients          Classification of Excipients According to Route of Administration          

End Point of wet granulation

Endpoint finding of wet granulation is very important to form good quality granules and retain the same quality when repeated batches are manufactured….